Fashion Week Day 2 Part 1

On day 2 of Phillips Fashion Week there were 4 shows but I unfurtonetly missed one. First show I attended represented themselves third year students of  NTF. We saw 27 different designers, but I chose three that were my favourite.



_PP38239 _PP38274

I really loved the big black collar on the first piece. It looked very Lady Gaga to me. All the others had really unique structure. I also liked the materials.


_PP39159 _PP39121 _PP39089

Give me black leather and I’m happy. I would wear her whole collection in minute. Maybe I would just cover some thing a bit more 🙂


_PP38409 _PP38458 _PP38437

I think that Sarah Burton should be affraid for her job. Matic Veler could easily be the next Alexander McQueen. When his pieces walked down the runway I think that everyone stopped for a second. The prints, cutout dress, materials, masks… His designs are really amazing and brilliant.