Philips Fashion Week Day 2 Part 2

The second show that I attended was also student oriented. Only this time the designers were students that are in the last year of their study. I also picked three of my favourite and chose their (by my opinion) best pieces.



_PP30654 _PP30642 _PP30617

I must say I was quite surprised when I saw that much white color in her collection. I have known her work for quite some time and usually her collections are mostly black and dark. This one was just the opposite. It was very live, fresh and also very wearable which is the thing that I don’t notice most of the time in the work of students. They often try to make statement pieces that are not that wearable and that can unfortunately be only used for editorials.


_PP31175 _PP31163 _PP31151

Oh blue! Normally I don’t wear a lot of blue clothes. I don’t know why. When I was child I was obsessed with blue.  But this time I think that my obsession with blue will come back. All this different tones of blue color really made me wanna wear it again. Yet again I was impressed with how wearable things are.


_PP31775 _PP31752 _PP31730

Fur coat! Leather pants! And everything else 🙂 Darker collection but because it’s a/w fashion week it fits.  I liked that she did her own thing and put on the forhead of  the models some kind of  ”fake eyebrow”.