Philips Fashion Week Day 2 Part 3

Yesterday’s last show was dedicated to designers who have been one fashion scene for quite some time. I must say I wasn’t impressed with their work. But everyone has their own opinion.



_PP32011 _PP32040 _PP32087

Urša Drofenik is our most known gown designer. She mostly does long, shinny and sparkly dresses. This time  wasn’t any different. The show started very promising, but all my hopes of a good collection drowned in one big question ” WHY all the dresses have to have ribbons down the spine?? ”. I understand that corsets have to be tight but why, oh why she has to do them on every single dress for the past I don’t know how many years. Ribbons seem to me very old fashioned. Unfortunately I don’t have any picture of the back sides of the dresses but I can assure you it doesn’t look good.


_PP32202 _PP32245 _PP32346 _PP32457

Some of this pieces slightely reminded me of some pieces from Prada and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton a few years ago. Some of the models wore velvet turbans which looked to me a bit funny because of the materials. All in all the collection was in my opinion probably the best from the show. I loved how she mixed the materials – leather belts, velvet dresses, heavy coats, lace long dresses. Mojca Celin thumbs up 🙂


_PP32517 _PP32566 _PP32584


The collection is named Sherlockology and it was sure done up to it’s name. The clothes are quite manly. There were a lots of blazers, pants, flat shoes and also I saw a vest somewhere. Clothes were new (I think I haven’t saw anything similar enywhere else before) but I can’t say that I was impressed by them. Also I didn’t like the plain color scheme.  The only dress I really liked was the lace black one.


_PP32878 _PP33153 _PP32845

Thoughts? Desigual went to Thailand, put Thai hats on and went in a  rice field.