Philips Fashion Week Day 3 Part 1

I know I’m a bit late with the review of the last day, but better late than never. Last show was probably my favourite of the whole week. Designers did  really amazing job and that showed in the reaction of the audience. Each of the designers was different from the other and everyone could find something appropriate for themselves. The whole fashion week was really a new experiance to me and I must say I enjoyed every second of it. Maybe one day I’ll fulfill my dreams and visit fashion week in some of the fashion capitals. Till then here is the review of day 3.


_PP33429 _PP33450 _PP33558

It’s really amazing how after all this time they still manage to come up with new ways of making knit dresses look really new and sophisticated. If you buy their piece it’s eternal.


_PP33661 _PP33798 _PP34017

Maja Štamol finally did some pieces that can be worn on a daily bases and not just for special occasions. My favourite piece was the jacket on the first picture. On the picture unfortunately you can’t see that on the both sides jacket has two small bags attached with zippers that can be used as pockets. I also really liked that she used a lot of leather.


_PP34402 _PP34193 _PP34336

She did clothes that she knew her customers will wear. She didn’t experimente too much, but I liked it that way because she stayed true  to herself. The biggest attention got her new interpretation of fox – she made a hat out of them. All the hats had head of the fox infront and the tail down the back. Something new and fun.