Aquafresh Fashion Week Day 1

For my review of first day I choose three designers that I liked the most. All in all I have to say that I wasn’t that impressed by designers work. I think that many of them have previous collections that are far more interesting and well done.  I’m putting my hopes on tonight’s show because my favourite slovenian designer will show her collection, but more about that tomorrow.

Let’s start with the review.


maja stamol (3) maja stamol (5) maja stamol (10) maja stamol (14)

Every year Maja Štamol is getting better, but I have to point out one (in my opinion) big mistake – I think that some of the materials look cheap. Personally I’m ”allergic” to cheap fabric. I think that no matter how good the dress is done and no matter how good the idea is, if the fabric is looking cheap the whole dress is ruined.  She is one of the designers that did their previous collection much better. And to point out one really good thing – back details. I really liked open backs and silver metallic stripes at the back.


sofia nogard (4) sofia nogard (8) sofia nogard (9) sofia nogard (12)

This collection was more casual than evening. My favourite outfit was the one on the last picture. The long vest is amazing. I like that at least some of the designers did clothes that you can wear in everyday life which happens rarely. Clothes look modern and new and they have a very young vibe.


ivan rocco (2) ivan rocco (6) ivan rocco (7) ivan rocco (9)Last but not least we saw Ivan Rocco. It was my favourite designer of day 1. He always does really fun, cool clothes, full of vibrant colors. My favourite piece was the purple shirt on the third picture – maybe because I have similar shirt at home from Zara? 🙂 It’s also very cool that he did a collaboration with Different sunglasses and used flashy flat shoes. Clothes are a bit sporty but can be easily included in everyday closet.

This is it for today. In following days I will post my outfit photos and other photos from fashion week.

I have to apologize for me not updating you on my twitter account, but my phone decided not to cooperate with me. I hope that I will be more lucky today.

Thanks for reading my blog and stay tuned for more fashion week updates! 🙂

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