Aquafresh Fashion Week Day 2

Second day of fashion week was the day that I was the most excited about, because my favourite slovenian designer Nina Šušnjara was showing her collection. Almost all designers that showed their collections blew me away in one way or another. I picked some of my favourites.


akultura (1) akultura (6) akultura (8)

Apparently white on white is staying a trend till next year. I really like white clothes, although they are a bit unpractical because I almost always get a stain on them 😀

Alenka Globočnik is the designer behind Akultura brand. Her clothes are always interesting, new and modern. Unlike some other designers she really made an effort to use quality fabric. She did some interesting silhuettes and really did clothes that you don’t see everywhere. I really liked the whole collection.


aleksandra brlan (6) aleksandra brlan (10) aleksandra brlan (14) aleksandra brlan (16)

Aleksandra Brlan described her collection as collection for a woman with three children, with iPad in her hands, running around with schedule full of things to do.  I must say I agree with this description. Clothes look casual, easy, comfortable and most importantly – they are wearable. The big pink oversized sweater with jeans, heels and cool leather jacket is the perfect combination for a mum on the go.

YOUNG SQUATsquat (4) squat (6) squat (9) squat (15)

For the first time ever(!) I must admit that I loved their clothes. In previous years did did clothes that I could not understand. Yes they were different, new and interestin, but in my opinion completly not wearable and odd. This year I think they surprised everyone in th audience. Great mixture of black, bright colors and pastels, amazing laser-cut dresses and tops completed with some menswear made a really diverse collection. Young Squat thumbs up and keep up the good work!


nina susnjara (1) nina susnjara (8) nina susnjara (12) nina susnjara (13) nina susnjara (15) nina susnjara (17)

I saved the best for the end. I was omg-ing the entire time of the show.  Every garment was better than the previous one. Silver pants and coat, bright blue matching pants and jacket, long skirt plus Nike shoes and turbans. Can it even get better?  I really don’t have word to describe my excitement everytime I see her new collection. I just love it.

Today it’s the last day of fashion week and I hope that we’ll see amazing clothes to properly end this year’s fashion week.

Check in tomorrow for more updates from Aquafresh Fashion Week! 🙂

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