Aquafresh Fashion Week Day 3

Yesterday was the last day of Aquafresh Fashion Week. Some of it was good, some of it not that good, but all in all I was quite surprised with what I saw and mostly in a good way.

At the end of the show for the first time Elle Slovenia rewarded our best designers, models, photographers with Elle Style Award.


maja ferme (3) maja ferme (4) maja ferme (17) maja ferme (19)Maja Ferme is a slovenian master a gown making. They always look so flawless, they are full of tiny details that make them really unique.  Some of them could  probably compete with Elie Saab.


ines (4) ines (6) ines (11) ines (13)

Finally some clothes that are wearable!  I maybe have found my second favourite designer from fashion week. This was Ines’s first time showing her collection in front of slovenian public, but I think that it won’t be the last. The clothes were beautiful, feminine, very well tailored and (to show my happines I have to say it twice) wearable. Sometimes when I see collections that I really do not understand because the clothes are odd I wonder how do designers sell these clothes. Anyway, the collection was amazing and I wish Ines all the best 🙂


sadar (3) sadar (5) sadar (6) sadar (10)I must say that I was expecting totally different collection. Almira normally does simple and clean-line clothes but this time she upgraded them with beautiful colors and silhuetes. The clothes were very spring/summer appropriate, casual but you can always get that glamorous feeling if you just add some heels and a great jacket over. Thumbs up for Almira 🙂


persuh (1) persuh (4) persuh (6) persuh (15)Nataša Peršuh was the last designer showing her collection.  Usually her clothes aren’t that ”street style”. Boyfriend jeans and balet skirt are everything (as Rachel Zoe would say 🙂 I also liked the colors that were quite different from what she mostly does.

Another fashion week came to an end and it’s time to go to shops and actually shop collections that we saw on the runway in these past three days.  My personal opinion is that each year slovenian designers are getting better and better and they certanly deserve a place in worldwide fashion scene.  The only thing that really bothered me in all the fashion shows was the organization. I mean, you can squeeze 500 people in a place that has capacity for 400 people. Hopefully next year they will limit the number or change the space.

I will show you my outfits in coming days.  I hope that you enjoyed my reviews. Till next February I’m done with fashion weeks and till then I’ll find some time to show you other thing that I’m working on.


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